25 June 2016

About us

Our mission
The mission of Trood Foundation is to support the effort of people who strive for their individual growth and social development in such areas as Sports, Health, Education and Art.

Our goals
• Promoting the model of upbringing and personal growth in which individual satisfaction stems not only from visible accomplishments but is also rooted in the daily effort required to develop body, spirit, mind, and imagination.
• Practical and high-quality support of people’s effort in areas such as sports, health, education and art
• Creating networking and communication devices for all “people of effort”: students, junior sportsmen, sports leaders, artists, trainers, teachers, and social innovators

Our values
At Trood, we believe that supporting individuals’ effort to achieve perfection has a potentially great beneficial impact on such aspects of society as the formation of character of children, quality of life, work-family balance and also helps to eliminate social and economic inequalities.

All our activities at Trood are based on fundamental values of human dignity, trust, justice, reciprocity and solidarity.