5 July 2016

Follow Your Dreams

“FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS” Scholarship Fund is a noble and unique initative conceived in 2012 as result of cooperation between dance studio STREET DANCE ACADEMY (SDA) and TROOD Foundation. Both institutions are based in Poland and have been so far participating in various projects supporting young dancers, acrobats and other talented youth.

The new initiative of SDA and TROOD Foundation has been established to support passionate, active and ambitious children and young adults, who, notwithstanding their personal hardships, want to pursue their artistic career and develop their rare talents.

“FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS” Scholarship Fund enables all the grantees to develop their talents, master their skills in a variety of artistic and sports disciplines by working with highly professional instructors, for instance world-renowned choreographers.
The mission of the Fund is to prove the importance and value of passion in human life and its role in overcoming our daily struggles and even serious hardships, such as physical disabilities, chronic disease or social exclusion .

We cannot work wonders, we cannot move mountains, but we aim at providing young people with an effective “trampoline”, which will allow them to jump higher and live happier life. We believe only individuals who are free to pursue their own way to happiness are able to create happy families and happy society.